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5 hour hike to waterfall

Tuesday, July 12, 2016
5 hour hike to waterfallLike0

Woke up to low cloud cover across the valley. Kat when on a mini excursion with her camera and the kids and I discussed the flavour of the clouds she would bring back for breakfast – I told the kids she was collecting clouds in a jar and not taking pictures.

Once we finally got things together, arranged the camper – I’ve got into a routine of bedding tied on top first, bedding below and seats pushed back, then access to the pots and plates, unfold table and chairs, feed kids, clean van, clean dirty dishes, pack everything away whilst kids play. Katarina returns with a coffee in hand and we sit a view some of her pics, fantastic!

By 12 o’clock we wander in to a cluster of mock-ancient Nordic architecture known as Flåm, grab some lunch at a Spanish street vendor – who it turns out worked here for a season a while back, saw an opportunity – this year he came back with a small army of helpers, 2 food trucks, 1 trailer and multiple tents with tapas and giant paella dish serving a tasty fish curry.

Our adventure started at the base of the Fretheim Cultural Park which climbs to a view of the bay, which we believed it would be enough for the kids (3 and 5 years old). It lasted only 45 minutes and… feeling ambitious, we agreed to tackle the Brekkefossen Waterfall.

Due to all the early cloud cover the rain came down when we reached a knoll close to the edge of the fall. Not too close as the combined rainfall and the spray was enough to soak us completely. It was the view that was worth the hike, wow – the sun rays piercing the storm clouds gave depth to the landscape highlighting patches of fields and forest, the distant mountains like layered paper cut-outs in shades of grey.


We all say to eat apple, that and water was all we brought along, doh! Some fellow hikers were eating Nutella and bread next to us. Tomorrow we buy Nutella!

The way down was harder the kids and we slipped most of the way. Kat insisted on bringing the biggest camera bag for her equipment (which I carried) and I only had a pair of old TOMS shoes whilst holding my 3 year old son as he gleefully pulled me as he slid down the mud slides. Katarina and my daughter close behind faring a bit better.

The decent was steep and exhausting for us. 5 hours later we trekked a couple of kilometres back into Flåm to eat at the same Spanish street vendor before returning to the van with 2 tired kids and equally tired parents.

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