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Archipelago Evening

Wednesday, July 6, 2016
Archipelago EveningLike0

The rear left tyre has been playing up yesterday and today with a slow puncture. Filled up with air twice and tried 2 local garages whom are busy and can’t look at it until tomorrow. We decided to move on…

Kat cannot shake her cold and our little one seems to be Sharing similar symptoms by the time we arrive at the archipelago near Stromstad, Sweden. It was our forth try today to find a camping spot. Turned out pretty good though.


Parked up near the water edge near a small functioning jetty, loosing track of time hunting for crabs. The evening sunset was stunning and was accompanied with a beer. Unfortunately, I sat on my own for this one with Kat and the kids having an early night hoping to recover from their tiredness and fluey state.



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