Day 1: Truck-Stop-Over – Vanwards Scandinavian Campervan Adventure
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Day 1: Truck-Stop-Over

Sunday, July 3, 2016
Day 1: Truck-Stop-OverLike0

Arrived at Dusseldorf Airport at 1.25pm to a baggage strike that last 90 mins. Taxi to pick the van up outside Hilden. Decided to hit the road there-and-then. I was going to catch up with some friends but in the midst of finalizing projects this past week, found myself a bit disorganized, better to meet them on the return journey when I’m not so wired.

Finding it a bit difficult to get-to-grips with the vanlife idea. I got on to the Autobahn and drove  to Hamburg in about 4 hours. Only stopping to figure out which rest stop looked the safest. After the 3rd try I got pretty good at understanding where I felt most comfortable. At 10pm I found a pretty good one – parked opposite a McCafe and truckers stop. Bet the latter make a mean egg and bacon!

It’s now 11pm. I spend 20minutes trying to put the bed down, then had the bright idea to consult the VW Manual. There’s a tiny, almost imperceptible hand-strap between the seats that needs to be pulled before the backrest goes down – doh!

Time to sleep…

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