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Pitched up at the edge of Jølster Fjord

Thursday, July 14, 2016
Pitched up at the edge of Jølster FjordLike2

This has to be the most amazing find yet. We nearly decided to go for a hotel this eve (give ourselves and the kids some space) and drove past one in Jølster twice before driving 2km further up the road. Glad we did and found this sweet stopover, wonder if we should make it our base for a few days. The highlight though was the double rainbow. Couldn’t believe this! Never been so close and we could see both ends of the bow. They came and went several time with some brief rain showers, great the kids could see it.

Van at Jolster Fyord
Van at Jolster Fyord

The water looked so clear that myself and the kids decided we had to jump in cold or icy cold. It was icy cold, but somehow the millions of tiny pricks of freezing water was addictive and we kept jumping in and swimming around.

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Afterwards Kat cooked the most amazing sausage and pasta stew, typically the kids just ate plain pasta and only ‘some’ sausage!

We’re higher up north now and the days are getting longer.  It’s still bright out as I write this at 11.30pm. Swimming still seems appealing…

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