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Visit to the largest glacier in Europe

Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Visit to the largest glacier in EuropeLike2

Driving down the E5 in Northern Norway we chance upon Jostedalsbreen Glacier. It wasn’t planned but a massive wall of rock and ice emerged in front of us. We parked up and walked between thick vegetation and several tumbledown bridges, no trolls, but the kids suggested I look beneath one just to be sure!

glacier in Norway

When we reached we base of the mountain we were rewarded with a prodigious lake, where several waterfalls fed into its clear, turquoise waters, cows grazing at its edge. The kids were super excited and wanted to trek to the snow, it was too far, but the closest they’ve came to it. Before we left we waved to the cow’s who came to nosy in our van.

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By now this was our third or forth stop to witness the immense views, but we needed to find somewhere to camp…

Glacier fro E5

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